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Learn About Our Company

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Logikos Technologies is an enterprising web design and internet marketing business. We cater to new and existing businesses on a global scale. We are currently operating in the North East Dallas [TX], Bowling Green (OH), Findlay (OH) and surrounding areas.  No task is too big or to small for our team. Our trained professionals  work incessantly to create phenomenal websites that are both innovative and eye catching. That's why we're the best in the business. Our team makes every effort to keep up with the latest technology so that our clients never go away dissatisfied. Our professionals assemble custom websites with exceptional layouts and unique designs for every type of business out there - be it auto sales, construction companies, insurance agencies, cosmetics, weddings, retail, hospitals, real estate, medical groups, toy stores, bakeries, restaurants, etc. You name it! With Logikos Technologies, the sky's the limit! Check out our Google reviews! We are number one in the business because we strive for perfection and we are good at what we do.

We sacrifice both time and money in developing websites that will create a return on your investment. We offer a variety of reasonably priced and affordable packages.  At Logikos Technologies, you won't get any second hand goods. We believe in developing web solutions the right way. All our websites are created from scratch so that our clients get only the best ingredients. You won't find any of that messy code that drags along with most 'create your own' sites.  We customize, design and troubleshoot websites based on our clients specific needs. That's right! Our clients come first!

Embark On A New Journey

We believe work ethic is just as important as creating the ideal website.  When partnering with Logikos Technologies, you can expect excellence and bang for your buck!  Our designs speak for themselves.  We don't beat around the bush and waste hours of your day.  Your time is valuable to us. Our staff will work diligently to accomplish your goals. We take pride in our creativity and we want our websites to reflect all of our hard work.  Our team works diligently to instil confidence in our clients because we are firm believer's in customer satisfaction.  Our friendly professionals will work with you to create your ideal website - so rest confident in knowing you've made the right choice!

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Choosing Logikos Technologies

So you've probably asked yourself, why should I climb aboard Logikos Technologies? That's an excellent question and we want to commend you for doing your research. At Logikos Technologies, our team is committed to your cause. Our developers and designers have designed, created and tested a remarkable system that works. Yes, they do their research too! Our ambitious and dedicated professionals are devoted to all our clientele. You will never hear a member of team uttering the phrase "that's not our job". Our unparalleled work ethic and team oriented mentality have enabled us to create some astounding websites because we understand that our strength lies in our teamwork. When you partner with Logikos Technologies, you are not just another name in our  database. Your input is important to us. Our team will work with you to determine the best marketing campaign for your website. We want you to be involved, so that your website is not just a piece of art, but a well rounded reflection of your company.

Creating Champion Websites


To stay afloat in the corporate world, you have to learn to play the game. At Logikos Technologies, we create trophy websites that will send your business to the next level. We're in it to win! We want our clients to march strong against the competition, not just cross the finish line. It is important to us that you have that extra edge that takes you leaps ahead of your competitors. We know building a business takes a great deal of time, effort and money. Our clients just don't have the time to do it all. And who can blame them? Balancing the in and outs of a business can be physically and emotionally draining. Designing a professional website takes a fair amount of time and a  great deal of training and expertise. Let us ease your burden and take away some of your stress. Leave the  marketing to us. We are experts in our field because we've played the corporate game for a long time. It won't be long before you're a champion!

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What To Expect

Upon receiving your information, one of our trained professionals will attempt to contact you directly. You will be asked about your goals for your website. Some of the categories you might be questioned on may pertain to color schemes, layouts, designs, deadlines, themes, etc. If you are uncertain and would like us to create a custom website, our professionally trained developers and designers will come up with one for you. You can also choose from one of our many custom created templates that we have available in our web gallery. Once we have your information on file, we will immediately begin the process of designing your website. Our staff will consider every possible angle to give your company a marketing edge over your competitors. We will discuss potential growth strategies with you so that your business can progress in the right direction. It is our duty and privilege to ensure your business has every advantage. Our developers will work with you so that your content meets SEO standards and your website obtains a commendable web rank. You may opt to have our team compose your content for you or choose to write your own content.

Meet Our Founders

Todd Empcke

Todd obtained his network administration degree from Terra Community College (Located in Fremont, OH). His fifteen years of experience as a web developer have made him an expert in his field. His strong work ethic and honesty are notable qualities. Todd's" directness has also been greatly appreciated by all his clients and even businesses he has been in contact with. He believes in developing and building websites the right way. His hours of perfecting code have lead Logikos Technologies to develop some of the best websites around.

Karen Empcke

Karen obtained her Master of Science degree from Rosalind Franklin University (Located in N. Chicago, IL), prior to which she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree from the Missouri University of Science and Technology (Rolla, MO). Karen has always possessed a passion for digital art.  While her artistic skills were first honed on paper,  she excels mostly in the digital world where art comes to life.  Her career first began as a hobby and gradually progressed into the profession she now loves. She specializes in front end development, graphics art and web design. Karen has always been a creative person and she enjoys working with other people. Her diverse background, patience and accomodating personality have allowed her to work well with clients. She appreciates that her clients have different tastes and she understands that it is often reflected through their websites.

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