FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


  • Can I use WordPress for my site?

    WordPress is a very versatile blogging system and most users find it easy to use. If the main focus of your website is publishing articles or writing blogs, then WordPress is a great solution. That being said, WordPress’ framework is built so openly that many individuals who have no desire for a blog are abusing WordPress in an attempt to make it manage a full website. Wordpress does have many plugins available that will allow you to incorporate just about anything you want into your site. However, you are still faced with a problem. Although WordPress code is well written and does a great job with managing blogs, the plugins and themes used are often not composed as well. It has been our experience that more often than not, clients that purchase themes or plugins, find them incompatible. This is not WordPress’ fault, but rather the fault of the person who developed the theme or plugin. This creates an enormous nuisance when attempting to force WordPress to do something it simply was never intended for. Many web design companies attempt to cut costs by excluding the services of a backend developer/programmer. Businesses will often have their designers build and compose websites for clients using WordPress. When they experience the issues mentioned above, they simply purchase another theme or another plugin until they finally discover a set of plugins and themes that work well together. It is safe to conclude that any company attempting to encourage the use of WordPress for building a site (unless you simply want a blog) is a business severely lacking the technology needed to create a well-built website. Their team simply does not possess the skill required to develop a full website and it is a quick way for them to make a little cash.

    Logikos Technologies has a top notch team with the technology, education and ability to customize and build the works of your imagination. We are a team of real programmers, creative designers and fine composers that do more than buy a template theme for a WordPress site. Our Admin section and CMS (Content Management System) are superior attributes that will enhance the usefulness of your website. Many of our old WordPress clients have converted to using our system.

  • What can I do to optimize my SEO and page ranking?

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not as challenging to manipulate as many would like to have you believe. However, we no longer live in a day and age where you can use black hat tricks to cheat your way to the top while obtaining great search results. If SEO is properly executed on your page, your page will gradually rise in rank. We feel you should know that if you have a potential client or business access your website and attempt to use a few tricks to increase your page rank on Google, your page may rank higher for a short time. However, Google WILL catch on pretty quick and you will be penalized. At Logikos Technologies, SEO is implemented correctly. This means that the more updates Google employs while attempting to catch cheaters will only serve to help increase your site rank.

  • What does the hosting and maintenance package cover?

    We have different levels of Hosting and Maintenance. The basic package (which is included for free during your first year) includes Automatic Error Detection and Reporting. We will also do one content update per month for you if you supply the updated content via email. In addition to the above, we will also set you up with up to 5 email accounts.

  • Why doesn’t my website display the same on all browsers?

    Websites are output in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which dictate the structure of the document along with how to display and preset it (along with any objects within it) to your browser. Although all of our sites are made using valid HTML5, according to the latest standard, not all browsers perform in an identical fashion. In fact, some browsers go out of their way to create a faulty display. IE (Internet Explorer) is known for ignoring the standard and doing their own thing. We work hard to ensure your website functions and looks respectable in all modern browsers. However, in some old browsers (specifically Internet Explorer), it may not always be possible to mirror your site since IE does not obey the rules put forth in the standard. IE is improving, but it still has a long way to go.

  • Do you have fixed prices for your websites?

    We have a package for any budget. Our packages range from single page websites that display your basic information (so that Google can learn of your existence), to Microsites (which are meant to showcase what you do), to Full websites that identify who you are and why people should care, etc. We also create custom applications that can be used in an infinite number of ways. Each website is different and our prices are determined based on work done, features desired and time incorporated into our projects.

  • Are e-commerce, shopping cart, payment gate ways included in the features that you offer?

    We deal with a lot of applications. We certainly provide the features mentioned above and so much more. Feel free to call us for more information.