Creating valuable content is not as complex as some might believe.   All it takes is time and research.  Here are some steps we came up with to help you create engaging content for your website:

1.  Know your target audience.

Learning about who your target audience is,  is probably the most significant element of content management.  When we ask our clients  who their target audience is, we often receive this response -"everyone!".   Unfortunately, you cannot conquer the world unless you've first conquered a city.  So start by figuring out what percentage/type of customers are drawn to your business.  Once you've figured that out, the rest is easy!

2.  Do your research.


Oftentimes, people want to reap the benefits of SEO without putting in the effort.  If you're going to create a topic that generates interest, you need to do your research and acquire knowledge on the subject.  There are a number of resources out there to help create enticing content.  Make sure your resources are valid and that they have some credibility behind them.   There are many journels and scientific studies to help provide legitimate content for blogs and articles.   There is nothing more annoying to your viewers than fake content that does not have an ounce of truth behind it.

3. Create Original Content.

Oftentimes we come across websites that just depict the same idea over and over and over again.  We call those "no substance" websites.  That can get frustrating for viewers that are looking for new information.  If the first couple of sites that show up in your search results all attempt to make the same point, it becomes a battle of stupidity.  Be innovative.  Look for ways to showcase a different viewpoint.  Give your readers a chance to say " Aren't they creative! I never thought of it that before. This is a great site!".  At Logikos Technologies, we think outside the box.

4.  Create an Outline.

When you have an outline, you know you're on a roll! You aren't just strutting about the place like a chicken with its head cut off! You have a direction and a goal! Say "grrrr" with us.  Everyone loathes it when you keep beating about the bush and it takes about ten minutes for you to get to a point that was vaguely evident in the first place.  An outline can help you stay on track and have you racing towards your goal.

5.  Make your key points count!

The average attention span for an adult reader is only about 8 seconds.  So you do not have long to get your content to your website viewers.  If you do not have a subject with a couple of good points, you will quickly lose their attention.  You don't have to have an extensive list - just a few will do. Be sure that they are interesting to your readers and that they help answer questions.  Feel free to throw in a few entertaining lines to show them you've got a personality to match.  Make yourself the go-to person when it comes to your industry or area of expertise.

6.  Include Images.

Why yes! Graphics are indeed very significant.  Incorporate infographics into your content.  Infographics are probably the best way to convey a point to your readers, especially for those that don't have the time to browse through large volumes of text.  The phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" is not just a cliche.  Images are indeed considered significant elements of marketing.

7.  Cite Sources.

It is not just vital that you provide credible information, but that you give credit where credit is due.  Never plagiarize.  If you want to include a "quote" or paraphrase, give the author recognition for it or ask for permission.  It doesn't just show integrity, it shows professionalism and earns trust.  You might also be recognized as a valuable resource when people learn that you are not just pulling information out of thin air - you have valid resources to back up all your jargon!

8.  Keep Your Content Updated.

Content that remains stagnant really isn't helping your website or your blog.  Fresh content helps build interest.  You've captured someones attention - now keep that flow going!  Create subtopics from a topic that generated interest. 

Look at your google analytics or schedule a free consultation with us to determine how you can locate areas on your website that are generating more traffic.

9.  If relevant, include a personal touch.

Including a personal touch is essential when attempting to relate to your readers.  People love a personal touch because it indicates that you understand their circumstances and may have even lived through them.  Oftentimes, viewers forget that there are real people out there that genuinly want to assist them.  And who can blame them?  Most companies are out to get the best bang for their buck and some couldn't care less if their customers benefited from their product. 

10.  Attempt to assist your readers.

Learn to provide answers to questions that need answered.  Stick to a point and try not to beat about the bush.  Your goal should be to provide your viewers with what they are looking for - think short and sweet, not lengthy, annoying or cumbersome. Respond to comments on time and be professional.  Never leave a response that people would consider rude or disrespectful.  Your goal is to show that you are a professional business that provides excellent customer service, not demonstrate immaturity or a lack of temperament.