Vanity - it is probably the root cause of all sin.  People love to be the source of attention and what better way to do that than to generate a fan club?  Facebook is the perfect venue to interact with new acquaintences and fellow friends.  Twitter doesn't lag far behind on the social media ladder.  If you're a celebrity or a large industry, you don't have to work too hard to create a following.

For those of us in the corporate realm, we know it takes work.  Building a sustainable business takes time and effort.  We are constantly having to market our product in some way, shape or form.  Believe it or not, we can twist the world of bickering, gossip, starstruck fans and yes, even stalkers into a sharp business networking tool.  All it takes is a little bit of heart and  Surprised yet?  Make your existing social media platforms more than just a base for interacting with friends and family.  You can make it work for your business.

Every now and then, we run into a weary old soul that refuses to budge and get on the social media train.  "What is linkedin?", they ask, perplexed by the idea of an online professional networking tool.  Or "googleplus pages?  Why I've never even heard of such a thing!"....That my friend is where you're missing out.  It is time to fire up the old engine and put forth the research!  If you have not done so already, build your online customer base and take advantage of those free tools! Heck, you know your customers are! You might even have negative reviews on there that you don't know about. 

Reviews are huge in the business world.  One bad review is enough for customers to question the integrity of your business.  A quick apology and a friendly response will enhance your reputation and allow your customer service score to thrive by leaps and bounds!  Happy customers will boast volumes about their experience and spread the word.  If you've ignored your social media up until now, you can bet that you might be losing out on a huge percentage of easy revenue.  USA today has a great article about the viral power of social media and accurately states that a lot of small businesses are afraid to take advantage of new technology.  This isn't just hurting your industrial reputation, it is also detrimental to you financially.

Just to put this in perspective, we'd even go so far as to say that social media has the viral power of your daily new's source.  Here's an example that probably made United airlines cringe.  They received a bad customer review via a comical youTube video that went viral and received over fifteen million views! 

If that didn't make you scream "holy cow!",  then you're probably not taking this seriously enough.

Stary by creating a facebook business page.  Select a category that best suits your area of expertise and begin networking.  Create some eye catching snippets with links for your web articles and make those your weekly facebook updates.  Create a call to action and generate some more traffic by inviting your friends and family to like your facebook company page or share your articles.  And let's not forget to look at those page analysis reports.  You can't plan ahead if you're unaware of your progress.