Social media isn't just a cool way to discover new friends and catch up with old ones - it is also a great way to build business relationships, network and advertise your product! For more tips on how social media can benefit your website, visit our creative corner. 

Social Media

Socia media can be a very effective tool in marketing your website. Millions of users utilize facebook, twitter, linkedin and so forth to advance their internet traffic. Owning a facebook page or having a company profile on linkedin does not automatically cause your page ranking to skyrocket. It is your responsibility as a website owner and a reputable business to keep your content updated and to establish those much desired social connections. Failing to do so will only cause your page to remain stagnant and hinder your potential for growth.  Posts should be made on a monthly basis (if not bi-weekly) basis - advertise your product or promote other business's products. We will explain how that will be advantageous to you shortly.

We always tell people, "information is free". A significant aspect of growing your business and acquiring more clients entails gathering as much information as you possibly can to enhance your marketing campaign.  If you are the owner of a blog, it would be smart to enable comments on your site or link to other relevant websites.  Some entrepreneurs have determined that an effective strategy that greatly helps with marketing their business, is having a YouTube video. YouTube videos are incredibly beneficial both for dispensing information about your business as well as drawing in potential customers or visitors to your site.

Another key element to take into consideration, is that social media is a two-way street. Promoting your website through popular sites such as facebook, flicker, googleplus and so forth also builds their internet traffic.  Linking to popular websites or publishing articles about these online platforms will be of an enormous benefit to your business.  Most corporations are likely to promote your business once they determine you are advertising their brand for free or out of respect for their products.  The significance of building good working relationships cannot be stressed deep enough.

Hoot Source is another good source of information that will help you with your social media campaign. They offer some creative insight on social media tools and how to be selective when partnering up with various social media sites.

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