Strategic Web Analysis

Most individuals that invest in a website are clueless about the process and the ongoing maintenance required to keep traffic flowing in the right direction.   A website is an ongoing investment and it requires time and effort inorder to see profit escalation.  We know our clients don't always have the time to sit down and come up with engaging content for their viewers or structure their site so that it satisfies google's latest regulations and meets the latest web standards.

When you become a client at Logikos Technologies, we make it our business to care about your growth.  Among the numerous tasks that we perform, we often set up a monthly website analysis to verify that you are on the right track.   We monitor the performance of your website regularly by watching your bounce rate, the percentage of customers viewing your site from a phone (versus a desktop, PC or tablet),  the percentage of customers that navigate from one page to the next, the pages that are most popular as well as your website's progress from one year to the next.  Why do we look at those statistics?  It allows us to understand what resources to focus on and let's us gear your site towards sources that will result in a profitable outcome.