The absolute best way to acquire new or potential customers is to be at the top of the search results.  In general, people like information that is easy to acquire because it saves them time.  With the fast paced world that we live in, we need answers and we need them quick!

Before we delve deeper into the subject of Search Engine Optimization, you should really know what it is and how it helps your website.  Search Engine Optimization is the process of using relevant keywords in your articles - trigger words (if you will) or words that generate interest. Those words are what get you to climb up in the search results and make your website somewhat relevant on most search engines.

While HTML does its part in building up your page rank, really the key element here is content. Good content, engaging content, is what will really build up your organic search results.  Don't expect to be at the top overnight.  Building up your page rank the hard way (aka the correct way) takes time and is an earned rank. 

All major search engines (like google or yahoo) have primary search results.  Google is accountable for 80% of the market and so really, it is the only search engine that truly matters.  Primary results are ranked based on what content is most relevant to users.  Google tracks how long viewers stay on your website.  If viewers are not on your page for a certain amount of time, then google knows that your website is not providing quality content that the majority considers useful.  Google then believes your site is not worthy of its current rank and so you slowly start to descend in the search results.   A fickle business, isn't it?

So how do you know what content viewers will find enticing?  We often get asked that question by our clients and the answer is relatively simple.  Put yourself in your customers place.  If you were someone looking for an answer about a certain product or service, what would you search for?

We often like to give people this analogy.  Picture for a minute that you are a soda distributor.  Let's say you were Pepsi, Co.  Your target audience would be teenagers, gas stations, vendors, etc.  You're probably not trying to distribute your products to health conscious industries and individuals focused on maintaining a strict fitness regimen.  But, if you were to answer questions like "what are the ingredients in pepsi?",  "Does long term consumption of soda result in diabetes?" or " Is soda acidic enough to remove rust from my toilet?" - basically questions that the general public wants answered.  Then even though those individuals are not your customers, google understands that people are spending time on your page attempting to acquire answers to those questions.  And you just provided them!  So now, google deems your site valuable and you're slowly being moved up in the search results.

So now you have one of the easiest secrets to optimizing your search results.  Go put it to use and start working on those articles!