The Significance of Typography in Web-Design

Most designers overlook the importance of typography when constructing their website. While color certainly has a visual impact on web viewers, typography should  not be ignored in terms of its visual appeal. Smashing magazine provides some great insight on the subject.

Before we delve into the subject of typography, it is crucial for us to understand what the concept itself entails. "Typography" is  the mode of communicating to your audience through stylized wording or typefaces. It has a subconscious impact on your viewer and can be extremely effective when used appropriately and in the right context. The format of your background, although sometimes not as engaging, can be made to stand out simply by engaging your viewers with artistic wording.

Characteristics of Proper Typography

  1. Proper Spacing
    • Kernal
    • Leading
    • Tracking
    • Ligatures

Typography is also a key element used to design logo's.