Video's & Video Editing

Having a video commercial on your website can be useful depending on your area of expertise.  You may find it beneficial to have a video/s on your website if you happen to be in the medical field.  It can be a great way to introduce your colleagues and familiarize your customers with your staff.  On the other hand, if you operate a lawncare or publishing business, you may not find a video commercial as financially rewarding. 

Video's are great for demonstrating a trait or a skill, especially if that video directs traffic to your website.  It certainly won't hurt to create a you tube tutorial showcasing your best work.  You tube is one of the largest search engines in the world, second only to google. Approximately 100 hours of content are uploaded every minute. You might be wondering how that helps your SEO.  Generating video content that is engaging can encourage users to click on a link to your website and browse for more information - provided your video intially captured their attention.

Check our our creative corner for some more tips on how to optimize your videos to generate more traffic to your website.